Albert Harum-Alvarez, Portrait Albert Harum-Alvarez

Albert Harum-Alvarez is a life-long Miamian. He is married to dancer and schoolteacher Enid Harum-Alvarez. They have
three children: Gabriel, Giovanna and Marjory.
Albert began his working life as laborer, ditch digger, musician and carpenter. He taught school before
he founded an app design consultancy that consults with small businesses around the world.
Albert taught school for 15 years, in the inner city neighborhoods of Miami, and in Los Angeles in the schools
of Watts and South Central Los Angeles. He volunteered for assignments that were hard to fill, and succeeded by
believing in his students and finding ways to teach them. Albert was an “incentive substitute” in Watts, which
means he got 150% of the daily rate as long as he agreed to take the assignment, no matter what the school or
class was. There were usually no lesson plans left in these classrooms, so Albert developed a portfolio of “super
lessons” that could engage the toughest classrooms.
In 1991, Albert and his wife Enid founded a small consulting firm that he ran from the kitchen table,
and after three years he was able to go fulltime. That company, SmallCo, is now world-renowned for software
design, and Albert’s clients and partners are spread across four continents. they include Apple, BNP Paribas,
Harvard University, the New York Public Library, Fidelity Investments, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
and Time Inc.
Albert now teaches master classes in app design, and supervises the work of his staff of 12, with offices in
Miami, Belgrade, New York, Mexico City, London, Rotterdam & Gothenburg Sweden. Albert built the home and
office that is the Miami headquarters of SmallCo, and the structure is considered one of the greenest structures
in Miami. He continues to fine-tune the structure, using many of the same principles he teaches in his app
design masterclass.

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